Dear friends of Golf!

Etiquette is the athletic fair play on the course. Usually, no one will be penalized in case of nonobservance of the etiquette; however, this person will have to bear the annoyance of his co-players. .

Please keep in mind that only by observing these rules, you can take part in a fair golf play. The etiquette equally contributes to spare the course in an optimal way!

Hereafter, you will find a short list of our most important rules of etiquette:

Fair play:
Whether in a competition or in a private game: play and count honestly!

If you cheat during the play you deceive yourself in the first instance. Rules are as much part of golf as they are of other sports and you owe fair play to your co-players as well.

Before each hit or practice swing, make sure that no co-player is close enough to be hit by either golf club, ball or other objects (like stones, sand, etc.) that may be raised during the swing.

Never carry out a practice swing in the direction of a co-player.

Only hit the ball, when you are sure that all players are safely out of range of your possible “super drive”!

Immediately call „Fore" if the ball goes in the direction of another player anyway or disappears behind a hill.

Should you hear the shout „Fore", do not hesitate to cup your hands around your head without looking around in order to avoid injuries

Respect for other players:
Do not move or talk when a co-player concentrates on his hit. This is also applicable when you get near to players on the fair way or green. Avoid any handling or rustling in your golf bag or pocket while a co-player wants to carry out his hit.

Always position yourself and your bag face to face with the player. Standing sideways or at the back of the player is disturbing and restrains his concentration.

All golfers should try to remain on the same level as the ball to play. Running ahead is disturbing and dangerous. Please wait for your flight partner after his tee off and do not immediately run ahead!

Try to switch off - most of all your mobile!

Pace of the game:
Do always play without any delays. Leave the green as quickly as possible and fill in your score card not before the next tee-off.

Should the flights behind you be significantly faster and given the fairway before you is free, please let them pass to continue their game. This will be less stressful and reduces the pressure on you.

Do not directly search for each ball, most of all not during private games. Reduce your search to the absolute minimum! Accept a loss once in a while, if you have hit the ball into thick brushwood or probably into the off.

Generally, we do only look for balls if it serves the purpose! However, in case the ball cannot be found at once, you will promptly have to give the go-ahead to your successive players

Protection of the green / course:
Any damages of the green by hitting out sods are to be avoided during practice swings. Practice swings are not allowed on the tee off!

Upon leaving the bunker, level out any irregularities or foot marks in the sand obstacle by using the provided bunker hark!

Please put back and tread down any sods (divots) that may have been hit out!

Mend the pitch marks of the ball on the green and also the damages caused by spikes even if they have not been caused by you!

Please do never park or drive your golf trolley between bunker and green!

In order to spare the area, please make sure that you do not stand too close to the edge of the hole when you handle the flag. The outstretched arm is a good measure.

Should you use an electric cart, we ask you not to drive on the fairways and to use the well-invested lanes at all costs.

If all players adhere to / follow these rules the flow of the game will certainly benefit – particularly on weekends. Furthermore, the condition of a golf course is going to improve in the long run.

Please bear this in mind and show respectfulness!


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